A Higher Purpose

What’s going on everyone!! So, this week, I was just thinking on this topic line: There is so much more to Jesus than just being saved from hell. We weren’t just saved so that we could avoid eternal wrath. Our thinking needs to be elevated. The whole reason Jesus came to earth, was so that […]

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Food For The Soul

What is going on everyone!! So this week. I just wanted to talk about a different way to experience God. I want to submit to you all that we should experience God like food. That’s right, food. Track with me, and I hope by the end of this, we can all learn something about growing […]

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In The Midst of Adversity

“It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You”. These words from the song, This Is How I Fight My Battles, have been ringing in my head the past few days. We sang this song at my church, and while we were singing, I looked ahead of me, and I broke down at what […]

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Dream Again

”If you shoot for the moon, you will land on the stars”. Growing up, I heard that a lot. I was a dreamer. I dreamed as a small child of playing in the NBA. I wanted to be like Michael Jordan, or Allen Iverson. I even watched old games of Spudd Webb, gaining a massive […]

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Can You Relate???

What is going on everyone!! Man, today has been kind of rough on me. I just have felt down and let down, if I can be honest. Have you ever felt like you gave and gave and gave so much, but received less than that of what you gave out? That is how I feel. […]

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Dear “Christians” Pt. 4

What’s going on everyone!! So, this post will be long, so forgive me. There is a topic that needs to be addressed, especially in the Christian community, and that topic is homosexuality. I really hope we all, myself included, grasp the importance of how to actually be a Christian, instead of just claiming the title […]

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